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What color are my underwear?

PhotobucketThat sure did grab your attention, didn't it!? This post is a re-vamp of a post I made called "test the psychic day". At the time, I was a little peeved after a string of problematic readings.. and thus you can obviously tell by the name of my post today; I'm my normal, jovial self!

There's plenty of articles written about how to pick the right psychic or what to expect in a reading. But I think I will write this in the perspective of well, me, the psychic. What we expect from clients! Which really isn't all that much!!! Actually, I've only thought of 3 psychic complaints...

To start... Not all psychics are the same! Obviously! We're as unique as any other person. Our abilities are just the same. Some are empaths, some are clairvoyant, some are mediums... Know who you're going to and what abilities they have. There isn't really any "one size fits all" psychic, just like everyone isn't going to be your best friend! Nor would you want them to be. However, your goal should be to find someone that can give you consistent, reliable information. Your own intuition can play it's part!
Lesson one: Pick your psychic well! You should want to work WITH us FOR you.

Secondly... Just as our abilities differ from one psychic to the next, the energy itself manifests in different ways. So can we tell what color underwear you're wearing? Maybe! This will be somewhat dependent on the client as well. Is the client allowing the information to be shared or are they holding it back in fear of embarrassment? Being open and allowing the energy to flow back and forth between client and psychic is CRUCIAL to any good reading!! Trying to "test the psychic" to coax information RARELY ever amounts to much as the energy is sporadic. Most psychics have a real aversion to dealing with this type of energy, even if they do end up being provided with the information! The psychic/client relationship does not bode well. Being open to the energy exchange will allow the Universe to know you are accepting to trust the information you receive.
Lesson two: Be open to receive the information, not try to test it!

And finally... Open communication. There is nothing more uncomfortable than dead silence! This also ends up stalling the energy as well. The psychic will wonder if things are going ok and can break concentration. We're not wanting an entire recap of whatever surrounds your question. But if we're right or wrong, let us know. Just as the energy needs to be open and flowing, the conversation itself can feed the energy as well. It's never really fun having a conversation with a wall.. you can only tell it so many things!
Lesson three: Just talk to us like anyone else! We might be psychic, but we don't want a one sided conversation.

That really is it! 3 simple things that may help you get a better reading and helps your psychic too! If you would like a psychic reading from me, give my profiles at LivePerson or BitWine a look if you'd like to read some of my reviews!

Hope everyone is ready for Halloween!!!
Many Blessings!

Where'd your posts go?

Like I said.. it was a while between posting my last blog. I felt my blog had started lacking a lot of structure as well. That is why I pulled my posts. I will be sorting through the ones that actually are worthy of being posted and leave out the junk. I'm startin to think that maybe sometimes less, really can be more. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

The perfect 10!

Happy 10/10!!! Here it is a whopping.. 6 MONTHS since my last post. WHAT in the world have I been doing? Well, honestly things have not entirely changed all that much. I think that can somewhat be seen as a good thing?? LOL! I have mostly just been busy working. However, I also spent a LOT of my time writing! Which involved re-vamping some of my past class materials and a bunch of new stuff!! So don't you fret, I will have some very interesting things coming about soon! :)